Southland Capital Management, LLC


Southland Capital Management sponsors unique alternative investment products designed to generate superior long-term returns with innovative investor-friendly features, exclusively for high net-worth private investors. We launched the first private investment fund to invest in the Business Development Company (“BDC”) industry: BDC Fund II, L.P (the “Fund”) which was launched in October 2009. For more information, visit Our Fund.

Innovative features of the Fund include: the use of low cost leverage to amplify returns; the option for investors to receive all dividend income generated monthly; the ability to withdraw capital invested on short notice; maintaining all assets at an independent custodian; all performance returns calculated by a third party administrator and a high degree of transparency about what we invest in and why.

Southland Capital Management serves as the Manager of the Fund. The principals of the firm have over 50 years of combined experience in managing private funds; have been investing in the BDC sector for over ten years, and have the bulk of their personal and family assets invested alongside the Fund’s investors. We appreciate the opportunity to invite you to learn more about Southland Capital Management, BDC Fund II and our unique approach to generating superior long term returns.

However, due to Securities and Exchange Commission regulations, investment in our fund is limited to investors who meet the current definition of an “Accredited Investor”. For the current definition under Rule 501 of Regulation of the Investment Act of 1940, please click here. If you’d like to know more about our Fund feel free to call our Chief Marketing Officer William Hansen at 800.579.1651 for a confidential conversation or email him.